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QOOB beyond COVID-19

All over the world, events we could only have imagined are gradually emerging as our new reality. COVID-19 has kept us contained in our homes, deflated our economies and has defined a new social habit alien to our values of coexisting and integration.

This new reality has left most of us with feelings of distrust, suspicion and uncertainty even as we possess the faith that we will overcome this pandemic. Most of these new attitudinal changes will form a better part of our lives and relationships even in a post COVID-19 world.

This pandemic should serve as a fine moment for us all to prompt for a new model of transport driven by a sustainable vehicles and even more by the micro mobility.

We will defeat this pandemic and come out stronger than ever but we must prepare ourselves for the realities of living in a post-COVID-19 world; a world where technology will dictate the pace of developments and it will become even much arduous for developing nations to catch up. There would be too much price to pay if we get left behind.

We don't stop, we are moving forward!

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