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E-scooter is not just a flashy trend!

Why E-scooter transportation is not just a flashy trend, but a sustainable lifestyle?

Throughout the world, cities seek to ease transport-related problems of congestion, air pollution, noise, and traffic injuries. Urban transport planners have welcomed e-scooters as an alternative to motorized individual transport, specifically the car. E-scooters stand a chance to become a disruptive niche innovation with the potential to transform urban transport systems.

The cost of transportation;

Spoiler alert; walking is still the most cost effective. With an upfront cost of $0, a fuel cost of $0, and maintenance costs of $0, you don’t have to pay to walk around. However, it can be exhausting, slow, and hazardous for your health depending on where you walk and how hot it is. Walking, and for similar reasons, biking, are not for everyone or every situation. As Liza Corsillo at GQ says, “Unless you are an alien who doesn't sweat, you should never bike to work in a suit.” Fortunately, other options exist, with varying pros, cons, and costs.

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who manages to live within walking distance of your work, you’re probably paying for transportation. While these costs vary immensely based on individual characteristics and preferences, a cost-benefit analysis of public transportation, micromobility, and other modes can help determine the most cost effective way to get where you need to be.

Let's compare the cost of 3 different vehicles for a daily use ride:

Less energy consumption: Statistics show electric scooter holding a great advantage over energy consumption, comparing to other vehicles.

Cost-effective: You can save a lot of money if you opt for electric scooters over gas or electric vehicles.

Cost of purchase: Priced at around 1% of the electric car, one of the most affordable choices to go green.

With its edge on energy consumption, cost of use and price, we believe in our combat with global warming, the electric scooter may offer us the best chance to win regarding transport energy.

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